Installing A Garage Door Opener; Leave It To The Professionals

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If You Can't, You Probably Won't

You've never fully experienced marital woe until you've failed to follow up on what husbands like to call, a “honey-do” list.  Tasks can range from taking out the trash to mowing the lawn, but occasionally, you are given an assignment that is so far reaching that you accept it without ever even considering the possibility of finishing it.  Sure, you have good intentions, but like my wife always says, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions!”

Gift in Kind?

Like most new homeowners, the gifts that are given to you for generally any occasion are largely related to home improvement.  I consider myself to be quite proficient in taking on seemingly difficult fix-it jobs.  I would dare say I have never shied away from a good project, well, unless you count the installation of our garage door opener.

We received the garage door opener as a gift requested by my wife.  I obviously wasn't quite as excited as she, since I knew it was a gift that involved work.  Once we got it home I discovered that it wouldn't just be work, but work that I was completely unfamiliar with.  It took me a month to actually open the box after receiving it, which was just about the time my wife began growing weary of the unused opener in the basement.

A Pricey Side-Table

Years went by, and the box in the basement became somewhat of a permanent fixture.  It actually became a quality, usable item whenever we had to stack folded clothes, or place a laundry detergent box that needed to be discarded later.  Eventually, the springs, screws and metal strapping got so lost that my wife's hope of eventually opening the garage door at the touch of a button gradually faded.

After a time, my wife surprisingly re-visited the idea she once had at owning a garage door opener.  Of course, this led to my immediate panic.  I promised myself that I would not volunteer to install it.  My alternative was to find someone that would install it for me.  I went online and eventually found an opener that suited our needs from A+ Garage Doors.  I didn't even consider installing it.  I let them come out and complete the job.  I have to say it was pretty hassle-free, and has nearly made my wife forget the enormous debacle that plagued me for years.

A Sorry Conclusion

What I learned from this entire experience is, first of all, you are never credited with your accomplishments, only what you didn't accomplish.  Also, if you don't know how to do something, leave it to the professionals.

-By Bart Vale

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