Iron Versus Aluminum Curtain Rods?

by admin on February 21, 2011 · 0 comments

If you're wondering what the best curtain rods for your living room, kitchen, or bedroom are, look no farther than the iron curtain rod.  Common painted aluminum curtain rods look positively awful with any curtains other than pure white ones, and even then, they don't look great.  They don't look awful, they just don't look very good, either.  Iron rods are much darker, and have a strong look of intentionality that other curtain rods don't have.

If you think that the curtain rod color doesn't matter, picture this: you have a room with an off-white curtain, an off white carpet, an off white wall, and a bright white curtain rod.  The curtain rod distracts from the rest of the room.  Now imagine you have that same room with an iron curtain rod and a few dark colored pillows to make the color look intentional.  Simply because it looks like it was done on purpose, it looks better. By making your rooms look like you meant them to look, you end up with a far better look to your room than simply hoping that everything looks good without making things look like they were done intentionally.

There are other things to consider with iron rods as opposed to aluminum rods.  Iron rods are solid.  They're thin, but they're solid.  There is more metal per inch on an iron rod than there is on an aluminum rod, and the iron rods are stronger.  Aluminum is a strong metal, but the iron rods are designed to be thicker and far less easy to break. The hollow aluminum rods are great for curtains that need to be hung up out of necessity, such as at college dorms, but for visual effect, they're not very good. Iron rods look much better and work just as well, and are sometimes even nearly the same price.

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