Light up Your Life with a Schoolhouse Pendant Light

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The interior decorating fashion in the 1920s was to place a bare bulb inside a globe made out of opaque glass and suspend it from the ceiling in libraries, kitchens, classrooms and courthouses. The clean styling made these lights appropriate for use in many different kinds of buildings and rooms. They became very popular in schoolhouses at the time because they provided the bright light necessary for students to work by. Eventually demand for the schoolhouse pendant light increased and the basic white globe was replaced with many different shapes in various styles. Nowadays, schoolhouse pendant lights are made out of a wide range of materials from inexpensive plastic to fancy metal pieces that can cost you hundreds.

Light fixtures created in the schoolhouse style are timeless and useful in just about any room of any size that needs a good amount of light including bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. You will often see these lights in lounges and restaurants that have been decorated in a retro motif.
The best placement for this type of light is right in the middle of the room. This way you can get that signature circular glow that makes these light unique. An appropriate light cover will decrease the brightness. You may opt to use 90 or 100 watt light bulbs in the fixture. These lights look great when installed in a room with a very high ceiling, so you can showcase the decorative profile as well as get the maximum amount of light.

Multi pendant lights are perfect for large rooms like dining rooms, theaters and living rooms. If you go with something extravagant, you expect to pay a bit more but the right one will complement any room. Multiple lighting fixtures will be needed if the room is extremely large. These will always look best when they are grouped close together according to style. They are not designed to be spread randomly around a room.

This type of classic lighting is suitable for rooms where a less extravagant lighting style is needed or desired, like a classroom. The basic design also goes well in kitchens and bathrooms. They can usually be adjusted to whatever height you want, so how high the ceiling is will be irrelevant. You will usually need just one pendant to light a small kitchen or bathroom adequately. You will want to buy more than one fixture if the area is too large for proper illumination with a single light pendant.

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