Mirrored Furniture: Modern or Antique?

by admin on February 18, 2011 · 0 comments

When it comes to adding some new furniture to any space in your home, you have to decide which style to choose. Will you go with modern and contemporary pieces or stick with something classical or antique looking? This same decision needs to be made regardless of the piece you choose. However, with mirrored furniture it is especially critical as some pieces just don’t look right when matched with others. So, what makes an antique or modern piece of this style any different? We’ll discuss this and some other ideas as they relate to these types of pieces here.

For one thing, the modern piece of mirrored furniture is going to look just that. In the past, there simply were not as many techniques or tools available to the craftsman. A modern piece of furniture with glass or mirrors will often be fully covered besides the edges and will often have beveled edges. This is a more modern look that also goes along with looking more polished and brighter. An antique piece will very often look aged or faded in appearance – with respect to the mirror itself. Also, the wood that it is attached to can have a similar worn look. This is all part of the charm with an antique piece. This look can appear somewhat French in its appearance as well. This whole shabby-chic look is still popular.

When you consider where to use such pieces, consider using them in any room where you want more pop or energy. A living room can be another place to use one of these pieces. Similarly, an entrance way or hallway can be another attractive location. When considering a narrow hall table for its appeal or function, you will find that a mirrored one can give you a little bit of elegance and pop to your decor. This is one aspect that mirrored furniture is known to add.

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