Nursery Decorating Made Easy- Wall Stickers

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You have several options when it comes to decorating the nursery for your bundle of joy. Paint and curtains are the most commonly used decorating mediums used in nurseries around the world, but have you ever wanted to create something just a bit more special than the standard blue or pink room with chenille curtains and a hanging mobile? Nursery wall stickers are the perfect way to accomplish this task.

Nursery Room Options

Are you searching for something special that will set your baby's nursery apart from all the rest? How about a complete glow in the dark solar system around their room? Science buffs will be particularly fond of this set up with glowing moons, stars and planets to entertain your little one. These wall stickers will work for several years as your child grows and can be used in a girls or boys room.

Types of Wall Stickers

There are several different types of nursery wall stickers. Options include peel and stick, reusable, vinyl and single application transfers are generally available where ever wall stickers are sold. Choosing the appropriate type for your nursery will be part necessity and part personal taste. In some cases parents want to be able to easily remove the wall stickers, perhaps a move is imminent or they do not own their home, either way there are wall appliqués for just about any situation.


You can create a jungle room, racetrack, football field or fairy princess castle in your nursery with these fun nursery wall stickers. You can use them and reuse them more than once as well. Why spend countless hours trying to paint your own mural or purchase an expensive piece of artwork for the kids room when you can purchase a simple wall decal kit and have a spectacular nursery? Simplicity, affordability and adorable all in one package are the reasons nursery and kids wall art is so extremely popular right now!

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