Building A Deck To Complement Your Home

November 5, 2012

There is nothing quite like stepping out on a well-build deck and enjoying a summer evening. By adding a deck to any home, home owners are acquiring a relaxing retreat, as well as increasing the overall value of their home. When the deck is in the planning stages there are certain considerations to make to ensure the proposed deck does not clash or interfere with …

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How to Maintain a Maryland Deck

September 20, 2012

When you have a deck in Maryland, you have to realize that the weather can be hard on the deck that you built. Maryland decks can tale quite a beating throughout the year, and you want to be sure that you don’t let your deck slip into disrepair.

While you are working to maintain your deck, you should start by looking over the surface of …

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Deck Bench Plans: What should these Contain?

July 6, 2011

It's great to have deck benches in your house. These can be perfect furniture that can be placed in your relaxation area in your home. It can also be better if these deck benches are put within the garden or backyard. This may be an ideal resting area for your loved ones. Before one can produce a perfect deck bench, he should first have his …

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A Guide To Deck Lighting Design

May 9, 2011

People who spend a lot of time on their decks will be looking for ways to improve it. Homeowners should be aware that the right deck lighting design can change the ambiance of the area. These deck lighting fixtures can make the patio area much more pleasant to spend time on.

One option for homeowners that are looking for deck lighting ideas is deck post …

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Low Voltage Outdoor Deck Lighting

March 23, 2011

Many home experts say that the low voltage deck lights are perfect for improving the value of the house. The bright lights often result to huge sums of electricity bills, and so they are not for everyone. If a person wants to brighten their decks or patios in the evening, the exit costs can be quite daunting. Also, if they forget to turn the lights …

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How To Install A Deck Shade Canopy

October 27, 2010

A deck shade canopy is a better choice than roll-up awnings if you live in a climate with fairly regular sunshine throughout the year. If you have some carpentry skills, have good, sharp tools and can nab a buddy to help you, here are the steps to installing your own deck canopy.

First, determine the size of area that you want to cover and order …

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Add Charm to Your Outdoor Living Space with an Area Rug

June 28, 2010

Outdoor living spaces are becoming as important as indoor rooms with furniture, pillows, decorator touches, and expensive grills. The days of the small charcoal grill on a concrete patio and strap folding chairs are over. In are outdoor “rooms”—patios, decks, gardens, and porches--that rival the cost and style of a room inside the house. One way to pull all of the pieces together is through …

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