5 Things You Need to Know about Landscaping with Stone

July 24, 2012

These days, many water conservationists are skipping out on green grass lawns in favor of alternative materials. For that reason, stone is growing in popularity. It is also worthwhile to mention that stone just plain looks good, especially when used to its full advantage. So, how can you incorporate stone into your landscaping to bring out the most in your lawn? Here are five things …

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5 Incredible Landscaping Tips for Any Type of Environment

June 21, 2012

Landscaping is much more than just grass, trees, and bushes. It is an art, and a science. Good landscaping not only adds to your homes aesthetic appeal, but it also adds to your home's monetary value. Some types of landscaping can even help preserve the earth's resources! Because so much thought must go into landscape design, many people opt to hire professionals. However, there are …

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How To Install Concrete Pavers – Tips and Tricks

December 5, 2010

Installing concrete paving stones in your house can be challenging for homeowners not well-equipped to do the job correctly. These individuals may want to hire a contractor. However, those who have the right tools, materials, and experience may be able to do the job themselves, helping save a ton of money. There is a lot to keep in mind when installing these concrete pavers, but …

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Using Wooden Pergolas in Your Backyard Landscape

August 29, 2010

A wooden pergola creates a shaded passageway in your yard; pergolas consist of pillars that are topped with crossbeams and latticework, and vines can be trained to grow through the slats. Wisteria is a great choice, providing beauty, color, and shade.  A pergola can bring old-world charm into your yard at a lower cost than traditional brick or stone constructions. By using weather-resistant wood for …

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