Outdoor Structures

Using Metal Sheds As Storage Space

January 20, 2011

In the home, the one thing that many people seem to be facing is the lack of storage space. It seems that many people have more belongings than they do space. That is why a large majority of people out there get metal sheds for their homes. They know that these metal structures can easily be placed in their garden and yard and can provide …

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How To Build A Storage Shed For Under $200

January 13, 2011

Of course, the answer will depend on great number of factors and the size of the shed and its material can push the price one way or another, but by employing some common sense, you can build a storage shed without having to break the piggy bank. Keep in mind, that if using garden shed plans, they will make everything simple.

Your first decision …

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How To Build A Chicken Coop

January 10, 2011

If you don’t have much money to invest, but would still love to have chickens in your backyard, then you always have a DIY route to take. Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about building a chicken coop yourself without having to waste any cash on pre-built, massively-expensive chicken house kits. Read this to learn how.

Obviously, I don’t expect you to have a professional experience …

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Beautiful Outdoor Showers—Function and Design

January 10, 2011

If you are into outside activities, like jogging or biking, or if you own any sports areas like pools or courts then you would want to be able to relax after. Every time you do any strenuous activity you sweat and you get a little dirty so you would not only want to feel relaxed, you would also want to feel refreshed after a tiring …

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Using Wooden Pergolas in Your Backyard Landscape

August 29, 2010

A wooden pergola creates a shaded passageway in your yard; pergolas consist of pillars that are topped with crossbeams and latticework, and vines can be trained to grow through the slats. Wisteria is a great choice, providing beauty, color, and shade.  A pergola can bring old-world charm into your yard at a lower cost than traditional brick or stone constructions. By using weather-resistant wood for …

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Carport Construction

August 23, 2010

The economy is in really bad shape, and as a result many home owners are finding themselves having to look into alternatives to traditional home renovation or additions. This is particularly the case for those of you who might be looking into adding a traditional garage or similar structure onto your home or elsewhere on your property. The good news is, there are a number …

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Metal Carports: 3 Easy Places to find Affordable Models

April 24, 2010

Metal carports. They are probably the next best thing to building a standard, attached garage onto your home. They store your comfortably, you can find a model in almost any style you want, and best of all, it's affordable. So instead of spending thousands of dollars building an attached garage.

Before you take off and head down to your local big-box hardware store, I …

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How To Choose a Log Cabin

April 21, 2010

You might imagine a log cabin to function as a retirement home, owned by retired CEO with a couple of range rovers on the driveway. Yes, It can be truly amazing if you can chill out in a small log home to help you get reconnected with nature and enjoy the quiet times. The traditional characteristics of the small log cabins can be appealing to …

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Rule Pool Cover Pump

April 4, 2010

Many pool owners utilize a pump system to filter out debris from their pool floor. These systems often can be built-in to the pool or separate, depending on the intended use. When the time comes to shut the pool down for the winter and throw the cover on, a smaller but equally handy pump takes over, the pool cover pump. A pool cover pump sits …

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Building A Backyard Pergola

April 1, 2010

One of the best things about a backyard is the patio.  At least, this is how we look at it.  In fact, you might say that the only reason to have a backyard is so that you can have a patio. All kidding aside, there are a variety of ways to enjoy your backyard and patio space even more. One such way is with a …

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The Benefits Vinyl Fencing Provides

March 28, 2010

When we think of vinyl, many of us remember back to the 1970s to when vinyl was all the rage. Vinyl was often the material that much of our furniture was made of.  Vinyl also makes us remember the days gone by of the LP records we loved and collected. Most of our thoughts of vinyl today are limited to our yards and poolsides where …

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