A Couple of Reasons I Love my Large Paving Slabs

January 9, 2013

A few years ago, I noticed that my paving slabs were starting to look old, this wasn't just from the age of the patio pavers I had placed ten years or more ago, but because they were starting to become damaged. This is partially because of the changing of the season, that I drive my lawn tractor over them a lot, and because I never …

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Backyard Patio Ideas and Accessories

April 9, 2012

Patios are great addition to somebody’s property.  Luckily for some, their yards are big enough to build spacey porches or verandas. Moreover, there are people who have the right budget to creating ultimately desirable even for their guests.

If you have an extra space at the back of your house, do not just leave it bare and wasted. You can always make something out of …

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Decorating with Outside Chair Cushions

February 21, 2011

Your patio is one of the most important parts of your house since this is the place where you often celebrate small events and where you welcome guests. Your patio cushions would be the welcome seat for every guest so it is important for these furnishings to be as comfortable and pleasing enough for your guests to feel at home while sitting.  There are some …

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Patio Fire Pits Add Charm To Outdoor Spaces

February 17, 2011

A crackling fire offers warmth and enhances companionship so it is not surprising that homeowners have taken to adding patio fire pits to their outdoor living space. This lends a rustic appeal to a family barbecue and fire pit designs offer various approaches to this aspect of the good life. The enterprising homeowner might want to build a fire pit out of concrete blocks in …

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Include Fire Pits in Your Beautiful Patio Design

January 25, 2011

More and more, a house is more than just a place to call home. It is also a setting for entertainment and socializing, and the outdoor areas are just as important as indoors. Some homeowners have become quite creative when it comes to patio designs. One of the best patio ideas to come along is the fire pit. It provides warmth, beauty, and a focal …

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Preparing Your Patio Area For Summer

January 7, 2011

Summer is the season that creeps up quicker than any other and catches us unprepared. If you plan on entertaining guests over the summer period it is important to prepare your entertaining areas, such as your patio area, before the season is in full swing. It doesn't take long and you will have a fully functioning entertainment area before no time.

Cleaning up
A patio …

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Patio Cover Kits Allow You to DIY

January 6, 2011

One of the best places in your home to enjoy is the patio. This outdoor area brings comfort and relaxation to you when sitting outside of the home to read a book or have a glass of wine or juice. To make the experience even more comfortable, you can include patio furniture. The entire experience is improved with patio covers. This provides protection for …

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Shopping For Patio Bar Chairs

November 29, 2010

It is not always easy for a homeowner to select new patio furniture. Certain types of outdoor furniture such as bar stools, can be found in various colors, sizes and shapes. This, of course, means that homeowner's have more models than ever before, from which to choose. One of the easiest ways for one to narrow down his or her choices for outdoor seating is …

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Living with Your Covered Patio Plans

August 16, 2010

If you have a patio area that you just don't know what to do with, then you will find that the right type of plans and designs will be a great first step. All it takes is a spark of an idea to ignite the whole design or concept to come to mind. Home and garden television is a great way to get those juices …

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Add Charm to Your Outdoor Living Space with an Area Rug

June 28, 2010

Outdoor living spaces are becoming as important as indoor rooms with furniture, pillows, decorator touches, and expensive grills. The days of the small charcoal grill on a concrete patio and strap folding chairs are over. In are outdoor “rooms”—patios, decks, gardens, and porches--that rival the cost and style of a room inside the house. One way to pull all of the pieces together is through …

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Escape The Heat With Sun Canopies

April 23, 2010

During summer time, you will often see many sun canopies being erected around yards and beaches. Summer is a great season to be outside, and all of us enjoy taking in the warmth and spending time with our families outdoors. It can get very hot directly under the sun and can often make the time outside become unbearable. A sun canopy provides a solution where …

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