Patio Fire Pits Add Charm To Outdoor Spaces

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A crackling fire offers warmth and enhances companionship so it is not surprising that homeowners have taken to adding patio fire pits to their outdoor living space. This lends a rustic appeal to a family barbecue and fire pit designs offer various approaches to this aspect of the good life. The enterprising homeowner might want to build a fire pit out of concrete blocks in the backyard, or include one in the patio ideas he runs by his wife.

Manufactured fire pits may be created of cast iron, copper or steel; they stand on legs to keep heat away from the patio blocks and may include a cover for safety. Some are fueled by propane while others will burn wood or charcoal. A Spanish chiminea, made from hardened clay, is upright and tapered with an artistically shaped mouth to hold wood or charcoal and openings at the top for smoke and heat escape.

Plans for a back yard fire pit are easy to find; construction includes digging a pit eight to twelve inches deep, often circular in shape, lining the edge with the chosen bricks or concrete blocks then building up a twelve to fifteen inch wall. The center is usually lined with gravel or paved with concrete or firebrick. Location is very important. The pit should be located away from overhanging tree branches, shrubbery or other ignitable material.

Patio planning for a fire pit may use it as a focal point and design everything else with that in mind. Patio size is crucial as too large a fire pit will create too much heat for a comfortable stay. Properly sized though, patio fire pits offer an ambiance that might be otherwise unmatched; it allows for toasted marshmallows to go along with firefly chasing for the youngsters and glowing warmth and pleasantry for the adults.

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