Reasons Why Bamboo Blinds Are In So Many Homes

by admin on February 26, 2011 · 0 comments

Bamboo blinds are finding their way into more and more homes around the world for quite a few different reasons. If you are wondering why so many people are buying these types of blinds you will want to take a look at some of those reasons that are outlined in this article.

Reason #1: Bamboo Blinds Offer A New Level Of Decorative Design - Unless you enjoy looking at a set of plain, white vinyl mini blinds, you will want to pick up a set of decorative bamboo blinds that can add to your homes decor without having to have extra curtains installed around them.

Reason #2: Bamboo Blinds Readily Hold Different Types Of Paints - If you do not like the look of the natural wood bamboo, you can easily add your own colors of paints to them. Bamboo's natural texture is perfect for holding paint without chipping or scratching.

Reason #3: Bamboo Blinds Increase Your Home's Level Of Privacy - Bamboo blinds are designed to close on themselves perfectly so that people who are outside your windows cannot see inside of the house, whereas vinyl mini blinds do not completely close on themselves and allow sunlight, and people's eyes to make their way inside of your house.

Reason #4: Bamboo Blinds Do Not Break Your Budget - Even though you may think that buying a set of bamboo blinds is expensive, the fact is that you can get these blinds for a lot less than what you may be imagining, with higher end models only costing around $20 to $30 a set.

Reason #5: Bamboo Blinds Are Easy To Harvest And Produce - Bamboo can be grown to a full height within 3 years, and then when it is cut down the stalk will continue growing so that it does not have to be torn up and replanted again.

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