Basement Ideas When Renovating

March 5, 2011

Unfortunately most people do not have any idea how many different things you can do with the huge wasted area that most people have beneath their homes. The problem is that most basements are not constructed with the idea of using them for living spaces. If you want to convert your basement to a living space you will need to seal the walls and floor …

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Finish Your Basement

January 7, 2011

If you have basic DIY skills you can reduce the cost of finishing your basement by doing it yourself. You will still need to employ tradesmen such as a plumber, an electrician and a plasterer for the skilled work. Whatever use you intend for your finished basement it will need electrical outlets, heating and water pipes, lights and insulation completed before your plasterer finishes the …

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Flush up for Modern Day Bathroom

September 24, 2010

Putting up a bathroom in the basement requires time and effort before it can be realized. There are factors that are important to consider before installation such as the water system, sewerage system and electrical system.

Choosing a toilet for your bathroom is not just for aesthetic purposes. It is important to consider the kind of toilet because it varies depending on the location of …

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Basement Remodels – How to Achieve Your Dream

August 6, 2010

Most often people rarely use their basement and forget it as a damp and dark storage space where they dump most of their unwanted materials. However, if you require some extra space you can convert this place into a beautiful and functional area of your home. You need some basement ideas to get you started thinking the right way.

A basement remodel will help you …

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Ideas for a Finished Basement

August 2, 2010

Many homeowners dream of putting a finished basement in their home. A brand new basement gives you not only additional living space, but also provides you with a room that can become just about anything you'd like it to be. Some homeowners like to let their imaginations run wild when designing their new living space, but if you are in need of some suggestions here …

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