Renovate Your Old Bathroom Yourself Using The New Shower Surround Kits

by admin on October 28, 2010 · 0 comments

If you would like to do some remodeling in your bathroom, but don't think you can afford the high cost of hiring a professional, you could choose to do it yourself using some convenient products that come in kits. The shower surround kits are a quick and easy way to install a new decorative shower area without needing to hire someone else. These kits come with the wall pieces that are created to be cut so you can get an exact fit. Some surrounds will be made of fiberglass, while others are a laminated acrylic. Both materials are available in assorted colors and textures to create the look you want.

Among the various designs you will find surrounds that come with molded areas to be used for specific items. Some may have a large molded shelf section that can be used to hold various shampoo bottles, while others may have a small soap holder. The molded styles can also come as textured items to create a different kind of look to your shower area. The various kits will include products that are solid in color as well as those that resemble the look of marble or granite.

Depending on the manufacturer of the shower kits they may need to have grout or some type of adhesive used in creating the completed shower area. There are some new designs that do not use any type of adhesive material because the different sections are made with interlocking edges so you can easily snap them together to form a solid seal. A kit may or may not include the bottom or base section of the shower, which is also available in several colors and as a textured or non-textured item. Changing the look of your shower and adding a new coat of paint to the walls is an easy way to renovate an old boring bathroom.

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