Bathroom Remodel On A Budget – Tips That Save You Money

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If your old bathroom is worn down, tired and out-of-date, it is definitely the time to embark on a bathroom renovation project. However, not everyone is able to afford mosaic tiles, opulent faucets or new cabinets but there are lots of valuable guidelines, like ones found on, which can save you money and reduce the overall costs of the renovation. Some of these guidelines are listed below:

Select the Right Contractor

Whenever a bathroom-remodeling contractor is being sought to do the job, getting multiple bids is the best way to go. Being dependent on one or two bids will work if the best possible price is what you are seeking. Getting multiple bids will allow you to get a more comprehensive understanding as it relates to final costs. Request a cost breakdown from each contractor and this should outline the cost of labor and material so that you will be able to make a comparison with the others. Doing this will ensure that all contractors will be on par with the remodel and none of the important details will be left out.

Be Aware

Before even beginning any work on the bathroom remodeling project, carry out research on the materials which will be used during the project. Pricing materials through all available outlets will enable you to more effectively be in control of costs and allow you to ensure that the correct products are being utilized. Although professional contractors can probably get the majority of the new materials less expensive than you, this is not an indication that they always will. Garage sales, newspaper want ads and building supply stores are good resources to take advantage of and could prove to be a valuable asset when attempting to save on building materials.


These are essential components of the bathroom renovation; however costs can quickly add up. Water saving features is a great method through which the initial investment can be recouped. While a number of fixtures already save water, go for the water saving fixture that is most impressive and will save money and the most water. Showers, baths and old sinks could be retrofitted with newer bathroom vessel sinks and water saving fixtures whenever they cannot be replaced.

Do it Yourself

A number of contractors will allow you to get in on the action by allowing you to carry out some of the work yourself to keep costs down. Debris removal and demolition are among the most common methods of saving money.

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