Shopping Guide For Oversized Chairs

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Furniture shopping is one of the hardest tasks you have to do when you redecorate the house. You have to make sure that in the end all the pieces look nice together and that the furniture will last for many years to come. Oversized chairs can hide a lot of flaws under that huge padding so you need to be super careful before deciding for a certain model.

Comfort level

The cushioning, if present, has to be super comfortable and plushy yet firm. If it's way too soft in a couple of months it will develop premature sagging and the chair will become unusable. The filling material is usually made from foam such as polyfoam or Dacron foam so ask the seller what filling the chair has. See if he can make some recommendations for your needs.

Weight limit

This might not be a problem for most people, but if you have an overweight person in your family you should be aware of it. If you decide to shop online you will notice that very few websites actually say the weight limit but if you contact them you will find out. The average slipper chair can hold a middle weight person easily. With oversized chairs the rule usually is the bigger, the more it can hold.

The frame

it has to be sturdy and supportive and depending on the chair you go for, it can be made from wood or metal. When you sit down on the chair you shouldn't feel any bumps or bulges, just the soft padding.

The upholstery

See if the fabric can be spot cleaned because this will save you when you spill your drink on the chair. To prevent replacing the chair or changing the upholstery, look for fabrics that can be easily cleaned with some detergent and rubbing. Polyester is a nice choice and if you have kids or pets, go for darker colors.


Have you tried moving around a big armchair? It’s almost impossible if you don’t have someone to help you. See if you can find a lightweight chair that fits in the oversized chairs category without breaking your back when you decide to move it around.

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