Sleek and Chic Glass Bowl Bathroom Sinks

by admin on February 6, 2011 · 0 comments

A bathroom can be the most difficult room in the house to decorate. You probably want it to look neat and clean, and you may also want it to fit in well with the rest of the home without overdoing it. Your bathroom is a very private place and creating a space that is just as beautiful as it is relaxing can be tough, but is well worth the time and effort when it is all said and done. Something as simple as just choosing the right sink can drastically improve the look and feel of this room. There are endless options of bathroom sinks in varying styles, designs, and materials to fit any budget.

Whether or not you plan to renovate your bathroom completely or that are just looking for a bit of a change or update, glass bowl bathroom sinks are an easy and not terribly expensive way to spruce up this home area. They are cool and fun, they are unique and modern, and they add an unexpected allure to an often-mundane area of the home. As an added bonus, they are also very easy to keep clean. These sinks can be just a large, circular bowl shape, or they can be molded into other shapes like squares or ovals. They can also feature all kinds of designs and colors to let you further express your individuality and style.

Glass bowl bathroom sinks are an example of what is referred to as a vessel sink. With this type of sink, you will have a faucet of your choosing and the glass bowl will be mounted under the faucet to act as a vessel to catch the running water. A glass waterfall faucet is a great addition to one of these for an ultra sleek and contemporary look.

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