Static Cling Privacy Window Film | Installation and Problems

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You recently purchased some static cling privacy window film that you intend to put on the windows of your home. Although you might be really excited about doing this, you should be aware that there are some problems that you might run into. In this article, I will discuss three of these problems and how you can overcome them.

Peeling From The Windows
One frequent problem that users of static cling privacy window film run into is the peeling of the film from the window. This happens due to the loss of the static charge that is required in order to keep the film on the window. You can resolve this problem by wetting the film down with water. This will make the film more tacky and pliable. Then, press the film back against the window and dry it with a soft cloth. The drying will generate that static charge that you need to help keep the film where it belongs.

Scratches On Your Film
Another frequent problem with static cling privacy window film is the appearance of scratches on it. These scratches can come from something as little as someone brushing up against the film. Fortunately, many of these scratches can be masked by applying clear nail polish to the affected areas. You just have to be careful not to apply it anywhere else on the film, as it may damage it. If the scratches are really severe, or there are a lot of them, then it might be easier to simply replace the film. After all, static cling films are easy to remove and install.

Pesky Air Bubbles
As you're installing the film, you may encounter some air bubbles that pop up in between the film and the window. To avoid this occurrence, flatten the film with the side of your hand as you apply it to the window. This will get rid of all of that trapped air. After installation, you may still see some really small air bubbles. You can usually eliminate these by piercing the bubbles with a sharp knife. This will release the air and pull the film back against the window, barely leaving a mark.

Air bubbles, scratches, and peeling are three of the biggest problems that users encounter when dealing with static cling privacy window film. However, these problems are very easy to overcome. For more information about privacy window film, please visit

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