How to Hang A Shower Curtain Rod

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When you receive your new shower curtain rods there are a few steps that you are going to want to take to make sure that you are hanging them properly. The following steps are easy enough for anyone to be able to hang their new shower curtain rod in as little as 15 minutes.

Step #1: Figure Out The Height For The Shower Curtain Rod - First, you are going to need to determine the height for where the shower curtain rod is going to be installed. Most people usually measure between 3 inches and 5 inches above where the shower stall ends.

Step #2: Mark Where The End Caps Will Go On The Wall - Once you have figured out exactly how high you want to mount the rod you will need to take the end caps and measure up from the shower stall, marking the end caps on all 4 sides so that you can

Step #3: Attach The Brackets Where You've Made The Marks - Now that the marks have been made you will need to grab the fasteners or screws that were included, and use them to mount the brackets, or end caps onto the wall where you have previously made the marks.

Step #4: Insert The Shower Curtain Rod Onto The Brackets - After the brackets are securely attached to the wall you will want to extend your shower curtain rod so that it is the width of the shower, and press it down into the brackets.

Step #5: Thread The Rings And Attach Your Shower Curtain - Now you are able to begin threading on your shower curtain rings, after you have attached the curtain to them.

Step #6: Check For The Sturdiness Of The Rod - After you're completed you want to apply a small amount of downward force to the brackets to make sure they are going to hold.

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