Styles of Roofs For Your Home

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When you are building a house there are many aspects which you need to take into consideration. These factors include the different styles of roofs too. There are many traditional houses which have different styles of roofs and these roofs have different purposes too. Each style has a different purpose.

Gambrel Roof

This kind of roof is symmetrical. It has a slope on both sides of the house. The lower slope is a bit steep while the upper slope is placed at a much shallower angle. The roofline is useful if you increase the headroom's size. There are many roofers in Edinburgh who can help you with this kind of roof.

This particular style of roofs was originally inspired by the roof designs of the Indonesian houses. These were the kind of houses where the traders and the mariners used to live in. These Indonesian style houses can also be a very good choice for contemporary houses.

Mansard Roof

These mansard roofs have two slopes on both sides of the window. These roofs have a dormer window which is one of the distinct features of the roof construction. You can even have a garret in a house because of the mansard roofs.

These roofs are inspired by the style of houses in France. This style of rooflines got great popularity in the early twentieth century. You can get a really different style of house if you opt for these roofing styles.

This mansard roof provides you with the best utilization of space. It also allows you to create an attic without any sort of hard work.

Gable Roofs

This is the simplest form of roofing. It has slopes on both sides of the house. It is a look which is inspired by the Greek and the Roman architecture. This is a very simple form of construction but it has its own set of drawbacks.

This is not a good option for those people who live an area which is prone to hurricanes as these roofs are going to collapse with these hurricanes.

Hipped Roof

The walls of this roof are slipped very gently towards the wall. The making of these walls is very close to that of a pyramid.

There can be however difficulty in maintaining these roofs and keeping them in good condition. These roofs also offer very less space as compared to the gable roofs.

Shed Roof

These roofs are inspired by the look which most of the traditional lodges have. These usually have the clerestory windows.

You can go for these roof styles for your home. These are really great and can help you a lot if you have a solar powered plant at your house.

Flat Roofs

These are very common among most of the urban style roofs. There are many variants of the flat roofs. The best thing about these roofs is that they are very easy to maintain and they last a much longer time than any of the other roofs. For more information on roofing, you can visit

How To Select A Roof Type For Your Home?

There are many factors which you have look at when selecting a roof for your house. Given below are the vital aspects which you need take into account.

  1. You must have a roof which is durable and it will last for long.
  2. You must also take into account the working conditions which the roof has to cope with. You must also see if the place where your house is gets a lot of calamities like hurricanes etc. or not.
  3. It is also advisable that you take eco-friendly materials for the construction of your house.
  4. There are also some legal standards which you need to take into account. These legal standards are laws which also decide the roof which you should have for your house.
  5. The cost of the roof is also one of the factors which you need to take into account. This factor must be considered when designing a house. The cost will depend a lot on the roof which you choose for your house.

Things Which You Must Consider When Selecting Materials For Your House

You have to select the materials of your roof very carefully. Given below are the advantages and the disadvantages of the materials which you choose.


These materials include; copper, aluminum, steel and sometime the zinc alloys. These materials are lightweight and they are very much durable.

Clay Tiles:

These are made from clay which is baked inside a kiln. These are though very much resistant to heat but still they are not a good choice for those areas where calamities are likely to take place.


These are made from slate rocks and they are resistant towards heat and wind.

Plastic Polymer

These are made from plastic polymers and they are usually resistant towards fire. You may have these materials for your roof if you live in a region which is prone to calamities.

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