Chandeliers: Art For Your Home

March 9, 2011

Chandeliers have been a popular way to light up homes for many years. The earliest chandeliers used candles to provide light. They were a much simpler design than the ones we see today hanging in homes and businesses. In the middle ages, the concern was function, and the chandelier was a design of spikes to hold the candles. Now we see huge chandeliers that are …

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Reasons to Choose a Candle Chandelier

February 3, 2011

If we begin to analyze why it is better to opt for a candle chandelier, the list might go endless. However, we have discussed some of the main reasons you may consider if you are wondering about the benefits of owning a candle chandelier. After a hectic day with family and house hold works, you surely need a relaxing time for yourself with the right …

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Foyer Chandeliers: A Different Perspective

December 22, 2010

A foyer is the entrance way or the central room for entertainment of a business establishment such as hotels, restaurants, cinemas, galleries and even the narrow entrance ways of most homes. A foyer is one of the most significant spaces in the business word. This space generally determines the concept of the business, whether it is cheap or plush, whether it is creative or dull …

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Chandeliers – Crystals In All Colors

June 15, 2010

Who does not like a crystal chandelier? Well, maybe someone who is bored of clear, uncolored crystals? Why should you not have the looks and the luminosity of a good crystal chandelier - but with the addition of color? As you may have guessed from my rhetorical-sounding questions, you can have exactly what you want, when it comes to colored chandelier crystal. No need …

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A Few Tips if You Want to Make Antler Chandelier Lights

April 22, 2010

If you have seen the new style of antler chandeliers and would like to make antler chandelier lights yourself, you will be happy to know you can. There are several kits available online that help you create your own chandelier by using any type of deer, elk or moose antlers. Many people that are now using these lights, have had them custom made from deer …

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