The Best Reason You Should Use An Audio Tower

by admin on June 29, 2010 · 0 comments

Designing a home theater or music room can be a time consuming process. Not only must you research a variety of components and installation procedures, but you must also think about how it will all come together. Often times, consumers tend to neglect things like storage and organization in lieu of spending more time on the fun stuff like choosing a television or picking out the perfect set of speakers. While such things are easy to overlook, doing so is a mistake since creating the perfect home theater is all about the finished package. One of the most commonly overlooked and under appreciated home theater item is the audio tower, which is meant to provide protection for your valuable electronic components.

If you’ve owned audio/video components in the past then you’ve likely stored them in a variety of places. Perhaps you resorted to stacking them in a spare cabinet or maybe you just placed them on top of your television or entertainment center. While this may have gotten you by in the short term, it doesn’t necessarily provide the best protection for your equipment, nor does it look very professional. Purchasing an audio tower to store your components is a much better option, if not for the sake of providing them with protection from dust, debris and overheating.

Many people don’t realize that stacking components can have a negative effect in terms of providing the right conditions for overheating to occur. Each component should be housed on its own shelf to allow for maximum performance and longevity. Apart from reducing the risks of overheating, audio towers provide protection from the sun’s rays and also from dust and debris. They can also be useful for providing protection from unwanted hands, which can be problematic when small children are around.

Purchasing an audio tower is important if for no other reason than providing protection for your sensitive and costly A/V components. When considering some of the other benefits like organization and decorative value, you can see why audio towers are an integral part of the home theater experience.

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