The Great Sectional Sofa Bed Compromise

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The recipe for the perfect sectional sofa bed is complicated because this functional piece of furniture will need to fulfill several roles. It must provide a comfortable place for guests to sleep without sacrificing functionality as a couch or taking up too much space – and it has to look good, too!  While it seems like a major dilemma at first, a little compromise can fix most of this sofa shopping anxiety.

Saving Space

Although sleeper couches have historically been lumped into the “big and clunky” category, sectionals tend to go in the opposite direction. Due to the modular design of a sectional sofa bed, pieces can be moved around and combined on a whim – a fact that designers have exploited to create the smallest footprint possible while disguising the sleeper aspect almost entirely. For example, a smart chaise-style couch may include a tufted ottoman that can be pulled up close to create an instant bed.

Other models may save space by folding out, folding down, or even by providing hidden storage – think “flip top” on the ottoman model mentioned above. Any sleeper model beats the alternative: at least you can still rest assured that your home decorating ideas will be spared the horror of an ugly inflatable mattress whenever guests make an appearance.

Treating the Guests

Now here comes the “compromise” part. After you choose a great sectional sofa bed that finally matches your interior design ideas there is still the guest-factor involved. While such occasional use may not seem worth the extra effort or investment, you still have to keep in mind that a bad night’s sleep is no way to impress a loved one and a bad back is not a very polite parting gift!

If the sectional sofa of your dreams doesn’t live up to your expectations of comfort, consider this quick fix: a memory foam pad is easy to store and can make a world of difference on any bed.

There is nothing wrong with a selective attitude towards couch shopping. After all, these pieces tend to be a focal point, or in this case, the anchor of the entire room. Everybody has high demands of their furniture – but nothing manages to deliver like the right sectional sofa bed.

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