The Philosophy of Painting: Patience is What you Need to Have

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People always love to enhance themselves not only physical appearance but their talents as well. Most physical appearance has to do with their weight and people do their best shot to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. On the other hand, improving their talents is mostly treasured. For instance, having the ability to paint is such a great talent that people should make used of it.

Paintings show how talented people are. Paintings are also used to demonstrate the feelings of a person, to show how colorful life is or it’s a medium of expression. This critique will aid you all the things you need to learn and help you understand everything about paintings.

Painting exist long time ago, our ancient people has a great influence in painting. The old times, was incredible because they use plants or any other things from nature just to produce color out of it. They turned out with a very excellent painting job for until now which is a modern time but still their influences continue to live.

Imagine, how on earth they do that with their own bare hand? Compared to our present time, a lot of discoveries have been made to do an enormous art. You can find a good medium in any store or in any art supplies. Now, there are a lot of medium for paintings like oil painting, acrylic painting, water color painting and digital painting.

To learn painting, it is important to have a great background and influence about art because it would serves as your weapon to produce a great art of painting. You also need to know the materials that are use in painting like the brush from thin to thick brush and the canvas where you paint.

Next is to study colors. Learn to know the appropriate colors you want to use because colors are one of the main things that give life to your work. Later you should also study the principles in painting which will strengthen your skill and will let you know how to manage everything in painting. Emphasis, unity and variety, symmetric and asymmetric balance, perspectives are examples of principles in painting.

Lastly, attitude is the main thing that needs to practice forever because in the world of art, patience is a virtue. Never get easily upset if you fail to do it first, twice or even thrice because in every mistake you make, you will earn more learning that would improve your ability towards painting.

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