The Wonderful Oak Wardrobe

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A wardrobe can be simply defined as a rectangular bin with closed doors. The inside is normally partitioned and contains clothing rods. Oak wardrobes are made of oak, a hard and durable wood from oak tree. They were the most preferred as they were available in plenty, had good strength and resilience. Oak wardrobes originated from Europe in the 17th century. Apart from being used in furnishings and storage of clothes in those days, oak wardrobes depicted a good architecture for vintage lovers. An oak is nowadays the most preferred material in making wardrobes for most city dwellers. The color of an oak wardrobe in most cases is dark as it is made of dark wood. The color of your wardrobe will enable you determine the best lighting system for your room and the interior design such as wall colors and wall paintings.

For city residents, solid oak wardrobes serve many functions. Although having a closet is a basic requirement in a house, clothes kept in oak wardrobes can be preserved for many years. If you are planning to invest in an oak wardrobe, custom made ones are usually the best because you will have your wardrobe designed the way you want it to serve you. In addition, you get to choose the interior and exterior colorings. They also come in different sizes and shapes and can be partitioned into several compartments dedicated for different types of clothes. It can have a compartment for storage of suits only, neck ties or shirts. It can also accommodate storage of footwear. You can put almost any kind of dressing in your wardrobe without deteriorating its quality. An oak wardrobe will perfectly blend with your furniture in the living room. Some have shelves that can be used to store tapes and DVDs. Some also come with television stands; it all depends on the taste and preference of an individual. The room when brightly lit will blend well with dark-colored oak wardrobe.

Oak wardrobes can be directly purchased from manufacturers as well as online. But you must be aware of the existence of fake wardrobes that are mostly multipurpose, yet they wear out quickly. Genuine oak furniture is made entirely of hard oak wood, is not shiny and does not contain any soft board. Their patterns are handcrafted, thus giving them a natural feel. When purchasing these items, always ensure that drawers are made from a single timber material and that the joints smoothly slide into one another. When the joints are rigid, it increases the rate of wear, and your wardrobe may not last for some time. A high quality wardrobe in most cases cannot be manufactured to store clothes and at the same time store television sets. These are very rare cases as the significance of the wardrobe in the house will not be felt. Most of such types of wardrobes and not made of genuine oak wood and usually target consumers who want more value for less money.  Some of the most reputable companies that manufacture quality wardrobes include Sheraton and Applewhite. Their products have been tested and found to last for years. When you decide to buy an oak wardrobe, bear in mind the factors I have mentioned above.

I believe that this information has given you an insight into what oak wardrobes really are, and during your purchase you will not fall into consumer traps that make you end up buying fake furniture. As technology continues to take shape, new manufacturing methods also come into play. Fitted wardrobes are common, whereby the artisan will take your room measurements and where you want your solid oak wardrobe placed, and then the wardrobe will be made depending on the measurements. The DIY assembly method is also used, and in most cases preferred to the former.

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