Things To Consider Before Buying Balloon Shades

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Choosing The Right Balloon Shades

With the demand for more contemporary window treatments increasing, people are finding that balloon shades offer the perfect compromise between drapes and roman shade. Contemporary interior designers are moving more and more towards minimalistic and simple window treatments such flat panel shades that provide little personality to a room. While many find this style to be clean and appealing, others miss the complex stitching and patterns of traditional curtains.

Balloon curtains differ from roman shades because of the scalloping shape they take as they are drawn. Unlike shades which fold underneath themselves seemingly disappearing into the window frame, balloon shades utilize that extra material by ballooning outward to create a wonderful three dimensional decor that still fits seamlessly in the window opening.

Balloon Shade Alternatives

Before purchasing balloon shades, you should consider what is important to you in a window treatment. Many people are drawn to shades because of their sleek appearance absent of any mounting brackets or curtain rods. Custom made roman shades fit precisely into the window eliminating any gaps on the edges of the shade. However, as with any shade there is a lack of control of light and ventilation. Products like plantation shutters are more expensive, but the user has much more control over the amount of air and light that enters the room. Shades can only be adjusted up or down meaning you can’t have completely open ventilation while still blocking harmful UV rays from damaging your carpet and furniture.

For the price, balloon shades are a fantastic bargain. They are elegant yet functional in many ways. They are extremely easy to operate and their simple drawing mechanisms rarely fail. However as an in between window treatment, they are a great way to combine the modern function of shades with the beauty of elaborate layers of drapes.

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