Tips for Choosing Living Room Colors

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Decorating your living room from scratch can be a fun and exciting project, especially for first time homeowners. You can begin with previewing the different design magazines for ideas of living room colors to choose from for furnishings, curtains, rugs and other accessories. If you plan to paint the walls to match a particular interior design color, you will find paint available in a wide selection of colors which can be used for walls, window trimmings, door trimmings and ceilings.

Choosing Living Room Colors That Suit Your Tastes

Choosing the right type of paint will ensure your living room décor will create a sharp and impressive appearance. There are different types of paint to work with different surfaces that may need to be painted as well as different brands of paint which will determine their quality. Latex paint is one of the most common choices for interior walls as it is easier to use (a quick clean up can be done with just soap and water), maintains a longer lasting finish, dries quickly and does not crack or peel easily. Benjamin Moore Aura interior house paint offers a wide selection of beautiful colors with features that will keep your walls looking fresh and clean for years to come. Price per gallon online runs at $56.99.

Paints also come in different sheen's (the amount of light reflected by the paint) and your choice of sheen will affect the appearance of the wall colors you choose. A flat sheen reflects no light and therefore gives your wall a matte finish. Using this paint will cover most stains and marks on your wall but will not provide as durable a finish, therefore you will probably opt to use this paint more in rooms that do not receive a lot of traffic or where children are not present. A satin sheen provides a harder, more durable finish which resists stains better than flat paint while still maintaining a soft shade of your living room color. This paint is good to use in rooms with more traffic or where children sleep and play. Semi-gloss and glossy finishes, though durable and strong in resistance to stains, tend to increase the brightness of a color, changing the ambiance of the room intensely. If you want the ambiance of your living room to reflect a soothing, calm feeling you will probably opt for living room colors in satin or flat finishes.

Your choice of living room colors will also reflect your taste and personality along with the rest of your living room decor. Choosing colors and furnishings that are comfortable and pleasing to you and your family will transform your living room into an attractive and relaxing environment for everyone to enjoy.

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