Top 10 Apartment Remodeling Ideas

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Whether you live in a rented apartment or self-owned, you need to remodel it after a while to infuse a sense of freshness. Apartment remodeling adds to the value of the house and makes it a personal space as per your preference and choice.

Here are the ten coolest things that can be done to remodel an apartment:

1. Paint the Living Spaces

This is the first thing that you can do to remodel your apartment. A dash of a lively color on the walls can brighten up the room and transform it. You can choose a color of your choice and add some texture to it. Painting the living spaces would make you feel as if you are in a new apartment.

2. Spruce up the Flooring

If the floor of your apartment has worn out you can add a new look to it. You can replace the existing floor with new wooden flooring, or with tiles. The new flooring would spruce up the floor giving a brand new look to the living spaces.

You can use a combination of tiles and wooden flooring as per the usage.

3. Replace the Light Switches

A quick and easy way to remodel your apartment is to replace the existing light switches with new, modular and fancy switches. There are different styles of switches available at various hardware stores, which can add style to your rooms.

4. Put Rugs

If you are tight on budget and cannot get the entire flooring done again, you can use rugs and place them strategically so that the messiest or the areas that are the most worn out are hidden.

You can choose stylish and cool rugs that portray your taste and preference.

5. Change the Light Fixtures

Cool light fixtures add a zing to your apartment. Therefore, changing the old, brassy and cheap light fixtures with some cool pieces is a great way to remodel your apartment. You can find cheap fixtures at several resale stores and they may cost you just $50.

6. Add Space to the Kitchen Countertop

Being an important part of an apartment, the kitchen too needs remodeling. You can start on by adding space to the countertop. You can add rolling kitchen islands or foldable blocks which do not take up much space but are very handy when required.

Home decor and hardware stores are the best places to look for stylish, foldable countertops.

7. Upgrade the Bathroom Showroom

A nice shower after a hard day's work draws out all the tiredness. Therefore, you can remodel your apartment by upgrading the bathroom shower with a nice showerhead. These showerheads come in a variety of shapes and cost as low as $15.

8. Adding Storage Space to the Apartment

Apartments are usually short on space. Therefore when remodeling, you can add storage space by putting up hanging storage shelves, towel racks, cabinets that can be placed over the toilets and other places.

These cabinets can be bought for $100 or even less depending upon your choice. The department stores are the best place to search for storage cabinets.

9. New Drapes and Curtains

You can remodel your apartment by changing the existing drapes and curtains with better looking and stylish ones. Add automated shades for hard to reach places and the cool factor by being able to control your shades by remote.

10. Alter the Position of the Furniture

If purchasing new furniture is difficult, you can get the upholstery on your existing furniture replaced or you can simply shift the furniture and place them differently. The new furniture position would give a new look to the apartment.

Do you have any more apartment remodeling ideas?

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