Unfinished Hardwood Flooring and Splintering

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Even though you may wish otherwise, unfinished hardwood flooring really does have a greater tendency to splinter than finished wood plank flooring, regardless of the wood species and the type of finish used. The reasons are obvious, of course, and you are left with primarily three options to eliminate splintering.
First, you can apply a finish to your floors. It will not completely guarantee the absence of splinters but it will at least significantly reduce the chances of having your home’s wooden floors suffer from this thorny – pun intended – dilemma.
Secondly, you can replace existing flooring with something completely new and splinter-free like vinyl tiles or carpet. This, however, is the most expensive option of all, not to mention time-consuming and possibly unnecessary. If you care very much about your home’s interior, it’s also possible that new flooring might not complement your existing decor and thus require you to pursue major renovation. Before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars and it’s all because of splintering.
The last option of all is the probably the most practical but it’s also the dirtiest so to speak since a bit of DIY skills are needed. With this option, you’ll personally remove the splinters from your home’s unfinished hardwood floors before they can harm others.
Materials Needed: Sand paper, cleaning rag, wood glue, and utility knife
*All these may already be available in your tool closet or purchased from your local hardware store.
You may push splinters back into your floor by lifting damaged boards with your utility knife then coating the inner side with wood glue. Push the board back then place a heavy object above the treated area to ensure that the splinter remains permanently buried. Afterwards, use sandpaper on the area until the surface of your home’s unfinished hardwood floors is completely smooth and free from irritating and highly dangerous splinters.

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