Garage Flooring Options – How to Convert the Garage into a Great Space

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In many homes across America lack of space forces the home owner to waste the garage on overflow storage. But, with some organizing and the help of cheap carpet squares, this space can be turned into virtually any kind of living space imaginable.

For the budget minded it isn’t necessary to re-create the Taj Mahal in your garage to have a nice space. But, no matter what your grand plans are, the key to conversion is the floor. Garage floor carpet tiles are quick and easy to install and remove the cold, industrial ambiance of the traditional concrete garage floor. Some of these tiles are self-adhesive, others require glues for installing. You decide which is preferable.

It is important when shopping for modular carpeting to keep in mind the converted garage’s purpose. Is it just a rumpus room? Then, cheap is the way to go – carpet squares can be had for as little as 69 cents to 89 cents a square foot. Is the garage going to be used as an entertainment space? Then, you may want to upgrade to something more stylish, in the $3-$4 per square foot price range. The best feature of these modular carpet squares is if any one of them gets damaged it’s an easy repair – pull up the damaged unit, and slip a new square in its place. And don’t worry about spills and stains; the most durable of these carpet squares are made of synthetic polymer fibers that do not absorb liquids.

A flooring project, as a prelude to converting your garage to a living space, is great for do-it-yourselfers. An average garage can be floored with this carpet material in about two hours. Carpet squares are easy to install, and require only rudimentary tools (such as a straight edge and a utility knife). Attractive and inexpensive these tiles may be just the ticket for a little-used room to become a family favorite.

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