Varieties of Grout Cleaners

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There are many different varieties of grout cleaners out there and sometimes choosing the right one can be overwhelming for a homeowner. With the help of a few grout cleaning tips and guidelines, you should be able to make a more informed decision. The first grout cleaning guideline that you should remember is that you want to use the gentles grout cleaner you can that will still clean your grout lines well. You do not want to start with the harshest chemicals and risk damaging your grout. Another grout cleaning tip that is handy when choosing a grout cleaner is that you need to test whatever grout cleaner you are going to use on a small area of your grout that is not easily seen in case it damages things. Finally, it is important that you find a grout cleaner that will be able to sit on the grout lines and work without the aid of scrubbing. Pastes and gels work much better than liquid grout cleaners.

Steam is the gentlest grout cleaner that you can find so it is the best place to start when looking for a new grout cleaning product. Steam works on cleaning grout because the steam is applied under high pressure by a tile cleaner machine. The high pressure steam forces its way into the porous grout by forcing out dirt and grime. In addition, steam can help to soften surface stains and caked on dirt on top of the tile and grout. If you depress the steam button on your grout cleaning machine for an extended period of time, you can get temperatures underneath that re high enough to kill bacteria.

The next variety of grout cleaner that we will discuss is the homemade grout cleaner that you can make with normal household items like baking soda and vinegar. These inexpensive groceries can be mixed together to make a paste. Most of the work is done when you apply the paste and let it sit on the grout lines for about twenty minutes. Then you work the cleaner down deep and agitate things with a scrub brush. Vinegar and baking soda are excellent examples of household items that can be cleaning agents. Dish detergent and hydrogen peroxide are two others. These household items are relatively harmless to use on your grout lines.

A third variety of grout cleaner is the standard bathroom and tile cleaner that you can buy in the grocery store. These grout cleaning agents have more powerful ingredients to fight grout stains and common grout problems like mildew such as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Because of the stronger ingredients, you need to be more careful about possible damage to your grout. Most over the counter grout cleaners come in a gel or foam form so that you can apply then to the grout lines and then let them seep down into the grout and work on their own. The only time that you have to work the over the counter grout cleaners more carefully is when you apply them to vertical tiled areas such as a shower because the gels or foams will not stay put like a heavy paste will.

The last variety of grout cleaners that we will talk about is the bleach products. You can have either oxygen bleach cleaners or chlorine bleach cleaners. Oxygen bleach typically comes as a powder so you can make it into a paste, which is more desirable. In addition, oxygen bleach is non toxic so you do not have to worry about exposing your family to toxic chemicals if you use it. Chlorine bleach on the other hand is toxic and is a liquid which is hard to work with when cleaning tile grout. However, chlorine bleach grout cleaners can get out almost any stain you can think of except if you have colored grout because the chlorine bleach will also remove the coloring.

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