Winnie the Pooh Wall Stickers and Room Decor

by admin on February 15, 2011 · 0 comments

Winnie the Pooh and his friends are favorite characters for both children and their parents. Many adults have fond memories of Pooh and friends from their own childhood. As a matter of face the Winnie the Pooh wall stickers are one of the top sellers as many children choose these for their rooms. Wall stickers are a fast, inexpensive, easy way to decorate a bedroom. They stick on and peel off easily so they can be rearranged.

Using these vinyl stickers to decorate is a relatively new idea for homes, but these stickers have been around for business use for a long time. Using them is a lot easier than painting a room and much less expensive them buying framed artwork.

You can totally transform the look of a room with these stickers. In a matter of minutes, your children will feel like they are in the Hundred Acre Woods with Winnie the Pooh and all his friends.

Your kids can even do their own decorating with these movable stickers. Give them a couple of sheets of these elegant stickers and they will create fun scenes with Winnie, Tigger and Owl. They will make their rooms exactly how they want and can change them around whenever the mood strikes them. This gives children a sense of independence and pride. They will love the idea that they created the room on their own and will beam with pride to show it off to visitors.

Winnie the Pooh bedding sets are another item to add to the fun. They will give your room a pulled-together look when used in combination with the stickers.  Imagine the smile on your child's face as they curl up in their very own Pooh comforter.

The Winnie the Pooh room will inspire sweet dreams for both girls and boys from infants to elementary aged children. You can also find accessories such as hampers, lamps and diaper stackers in Pooh patterns. Having such an adorable room may even have the added advantage of inspiring the kids to keep it clean and organized.

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