Zen And The Art Of Floor Sanding

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Floor sanding, restoration, repair, and maintenance may seem like a menial activity. But not in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here, there is a certain art to be taken into the grain, the groove, and the antiquity within every floorboard. Be it the inlaid weave pattern of modern kitchen hardwood floors to the Arenberg parquet of a centuries old pub, each has its own character and majesty that must be attended to with a gifted hand and the proper set of tools.

There are varying steps to achieving a pure sheen that nothing else but a freshly sanded floor will provide. Sanding, itself, is not the least technical of tasks, but it is the first. Depending on the budget of the client, they may want to consider a cleaner, dust-free operation for better quality of the finished product.

Many floor-sanding companies in Edinburgh advertise dust-free services for hardwood floors, but this varies on a number of levels. Some equipment offers minimal dust dispersion. Others companies claim to be 100% dustless, but then need to use an older piece of equipment that is not dust-free for the trim and edges of the floor. Some even do parts by hand. This is something that needs to be considered when choosing help for floor repairs.

In addition to the sanding of flooring a certain clientele may also consider paint stripping. This option would be especially pertinent to the owners and operators of sporting facilities. Some of the best firms in Edinburgh off a cache of services that go from floor dust-free sanding, cleaning and buffing, staining, and even painting the detailed and calibrated markings for sports courts: basketball, volleyball, badminton, bocce, etc... Sport markings must be clear and obvious and are no amateur task.

In hiring a company for floor sanding needs in Edinburgh, Scotland, it is important to focus on quality. Make sure that they use dust-free equipment. And even if you only need a simple sanding, inquire about sports court services. If they offer them, then they are probably a reputable company and will have a portfolio just as stunning as the floor that they will leave you with.

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